Looking for good resources to continue your prophecy studies?

These are some of our favorites:

Olive Tree Views Jan Markell, a radio personality and true contender for the faith in Minnesota, has a must-see site for news of prophecy, church trends, and political developments of interest to Christians.

World Net Daily World Net Daily is one of the premier news sites for Christians. Joseph Farah has extensive journalism experience and was one of the pioneers of web news sites. Make this one a regular visit!

Joel Rosenberg Joel is in great demand these days for his commentary and connections to international politics. He has an impressive resume in politics and even more so is an insightful commentator on the days in which we live. Don’t miss his site.

In The Days John Higgins of Calvary Chapel Tri-City (AZ) has a wonderful prophecy site.

Ariel Ministries Arnold Fruchtenbaum, an exceptional prophecy teacher, speaks to the Jewish elements of our faith

Pre-Trib Perspectives Tim LaHaye and Tom Ice’s site for the pre-tribber at heart; the rest of you, we’ll see you on the way up.

Radio Free Church is a wonderful site for listening to the top teachers today on prophetic and apologetic topics. Includes our very own Prophecy Conference teachings from 2007.


3 Responses to Resources

  1. Sylvia Lafferty says:

    Hi Mary,

    Just listened to you on Crosstalk and want to thank you for all of the work and research that you have and are doing. Can I sign up for your website? I am a native of Menasha and Appleton and now live in NV. CC is indeed blessed to have you on staff and I look forward to delving into many of your past and future articles!

    In Christ,

  2. john says:

    I covered “Stories From The Shack,” the on stage event featuring The Shack author. His mom, he revealed, had though he was a heretic. She had trouble with the Father-goddess character. Paul Young said a minister who had been helped by Paul Young’s mother as a frail newborn reassured her about The Shack.

    Only thing is, this is the minister (retired last week) of a pro-gay, theologically errant church.


  3. Mary says:

    Good grief, I read your article. The church today is a three-ring circus and few there be who give a whit for solid doctrine and the revealed Word of God. Thanks for sharing.

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