Earth Pangs

OK, so our moms told us not to talk about politics or religion. We ignore that and really, all we do talk about is politics and religion. But the weather is always a safe topic, right? Unless it just makes us cranky, which this winter certainly does. Seriously, let’s talk about the weather. Mom would be proud. At least it’s never boring.

We are all noticing some major earth changes, upheavals even, in the weather patterns. In fact, when you do the research, it’s a bit shocking, just how much this old world is rocking and reeling. I did some of that research this week, and found that beginning around 2010 bets were off regarding which records would fall next. And here in 2014, they keep on falling – like dominoes. Keeping track of it all is a bit daunting, I will admit, but we sure do get a good picture of what we all are seeing to be true.

People tend to ask me if judgment is coming/already here, but my best answer, for now, is that the birth pangs are on the increase. Hope this chart helps regarding the current happenings on planet earth. I will be adding more info as time goes by.


What on Earth?

Earth Pangs


2010   (the warmest year ever recorded in the U.S.)

January 3 Cosmos Comet Slams into the sun
January 3 Solomon Islands 7.2 and 6.6 quakes and a series of smaller ones Massive landslides, violent waves, tsunamis 1000 homelessVillages wiped out Haiti quake 9 days later….
January 12 


Haiti 7.0 quake on previously unknown faultline Most severe in 200 years 220,000 dead Worst disaster modern history
January 14-20 Diverse places 6.8 quakes 5 per day 41 quakes in 6 days
January CA, Haiti, Costa Rica, Alaska, Yellowstone Earthquake swarms 1033 in one week
Jan. 17 – Feb 1 Yellowstone 1620 quakes 2nd largest swarm ever there Super Volcano site 2000x the power of St. Helens
February WashingtonDC Snow Worst in 111 years
Feb 12 Rome 



25” snow

Heaviest in 24Years

Heaviest in 44 years

February 27 Chile 8.8 quake; shut down seismographsfor 22 minutes Most powerful in 50 years;130 aftershocks


Ground shook for 90 seconds

Affected 2 million peopleKilled 500 Changed axis and length of daysFelt 1800 miles away

Tsunami warnings in 53 countries


Last week of Feb N.E. USA Three blizzards 91 mph winds,Million without power NY 21 inches of snow Most US cities had record snow
March 20 Iceland Volcano Previously dormant for 187 years Disrupts all of Europe, cancels flights
March 31 Rhode Is. Flooding Worst in state history
April 4 Baja 7.2 quake Ground shook for 90 seconds 90 aftershocks Shifted Calexico region 2 feet south
April 14 China – Tibetan plateau 6.9 quake Ground shook for a minute Left mountainous region in ruins
April 30 – May 7 Nashville Flooding A “once in 1000 year event”
May 6 West. Ireland 2.7 quake Lasted 10 seconds First ever in their history
May 26 Pakistan Record heat 128.7 F All time record
May – June Central Europe Worst in Poland in 160 years Worst in Slovakia in 1000 years
June S. China Drought Worst in 100 years
June 14 Iraq Record heat 125.6 F All time record
June 16 Kuwait Record heat 129.2 F All time record
June 22 Saudi A Record heat 125.6 F All time record
June 23 Niger Record heat 118.8 F All time record
June 22 Chad Record heat 117.7 F All time record
June 25 Sudan Record heat 121.3 F All time record
June 25 Russia near China border Record heat 108.1 F All time record
July 15 Global Record heat NOAA declares that June is the hottest day ever in history
July 18 AlaskaAleutian Is. Quakes – 6.6 and 6.0
July 23 Philippines Quakes 4 massive 7+ quakes
July 16 regions of Russia 

From Japan and southward







Caldera Super volcano

Worst in 130 years 


Eleven 6.0 quakes




Hundreds of quakes







Has never erupted in history

July 18 Argentina Record cold Coldest in 10 years Buenos Aires has coldest temp ever 6 mill. Fish die, worst ever in history
July 29 Russia Record heat 102 F Hottest ever
July 27-30 Pakistan Monsoon 1600 dead; 20 million homeless Most dams in country collapsed Flood of the century
September 4 Christchurch, NZ 7.1 quake Moved earth surface by 11 feet
October 5 Russia Tornadoes Unusual and sudden drop in temps 5 drop simultaneously Similar incident in AZ a few days later
October New Zealand Severe storms Worst Spring storms in living memory
October 7 Michigan, Bolivia, Peru, Pakistan, Spain, India Mysterious cracks in the ground 200 yds long and 5’ deep


60% of the world’s most dangerous quakes have occurred in the last 21 years.


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