Camping Out

As the truth war heats up and the desire for discernment grows cold (I think when you mix the two you get something called, “lukewarm”) I am having some clarity of thought.

There seems to be 2 distinct camps within Christendom right now that will draw some serious lines in the sand, I predict. It already has. Rick Warren, who has influenced the church today more than any of us really realize, said back in 2007 that the greatest threat to the church is DISUNITY and this is Satan’s greatest tool. That really accounts for a lot of what he does, chit-chatting with Muslims on our common faith, for instance, and telling pastors that some folks (those old stubborn bible thumpin’ ones) would rather die than change, so your congregation won’t shift as quickly to his mode of ministry as quickly as you might like. Anyway, so we have a camp that has been influenced more by purpose and feelings than by Scripture.

The other camp is thinking that there might be a danger of lukewarmness and such in that approach, and believes that the Satan’s greatest tool is DECEPTION. Like deception in the areas of ecumenism, social justice, and that why-can’t-we-all-just-get-along attitude that surely God will have to bless regardless of sound doctrine on the “majors”.  Now, some folks in the first camp think that there may even be some wiggle room as to what the majors actually are. But, you know, God is love, and as long as it makes me feel good I know it’s from God because it’s all about how I feel. So I can just play fast and loose with things that make me feel good.

Here’s what I see happening all over this land, which will continue to crank up: These 2 camps will never come together. I know what I believe about the “worldview revolution” that is flooding the church and the secular world right now, and I condemn it wholeheartedly because it involves a whole lot of compromise and people pleasing – walking before men.  I want nothing to do with it, because it is sly and cunning and what breaks my heart is that so many Christians refuse to see it and come against it or even listen to those sounding the two-minute warning.  And these two concepts are very polarizing.  That’s why the church growth movement, The Shack, Purpose-Driven, and even what is going on regarding a local festival and their controversial speaker(s) are polarizing too. People feel very strongly one way or another on all the above: unity for the sake of it,  or deception at the heart of it – talk about your “polar opposites”.

As Joseph Farah wrote way back in 2007 in a column entitled, “Rick Warren’s Inquisition” – “Satan loves unity – as long as those unified are knowingly or unknowingly serving him. He’d love for all of us to “go to hell in a handbasket.”

About Mary

I have been a believer since 1981. Everything else before that is relatively meaningless. My heart has, from day 1, always been toward the subject of bible prophecy and I have seen the Lord do amazing things in my life through simply studying the Word and applying it to my life. I am a wife, grandmother and work full time in ministry. Life is full, and full of learning curves and seasons.
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5 Responses to Camping Out

  1. Sylvia says:

    There really is only one direction to take and that is the narrow road. What is the narrow road? Walking in obedience to God’s Word, it is all there in black and white. Do not add to it or take away from it. Be sober minded and be willing to stand up for the Gospel. The stage for this world has been set a long time ago and it is fast approaching the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Multitudes are looking for candidates that can get us out of this fix, sorry folks, but it will not work. There is a division in the church and it can only get worse with all of the apostate teachers. Even so, come Lord Jesus!

  2. Mary says:

    Amen! Either people are being deceived, or they are looking up. There are only 2 kinds of Christians today.

  3. Gary Lee Fennimore says:

    Regarding Camping Out article:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. However, I would suggest that the NAR and it’s accompanying camp of “America is Idolized” psuedo-patriots should be at least a third division. Christians are to be looking for His return not exclusively saving America.

    Thank You
    Gary Fennimore

  4. Mary says:

    Well, you definitely have a point there, and it is well noted. America is a sacred cow to many Christians. My question is, how many Christians does it take to make a nation Christian? How many atheists does it take to make an atheist nation? If Russia has X number of Christians too, is it Christian? If Russia has a Communist government, we say it is a Communist country. So if Amerika has a socialist government, I guess that makes it a Socialist nation. Just thinkin’ outloud here, open to suggestions………….mare

  5. Sylvia Lafferty says:

    I can only say that there is no such thing as a “Christian” nation. People are Christians.

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