VCY Interview

From Ingrid Schlueter at VCY America:

Each summer, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, hosts the “Lifest”Christian music festival. This festival, which is expecting as many as 70,000 in attendance, has put Jim Wallis on the docket of speakers for July 9th.

Wallis’ upcoming appearance at Lifest proves that he is an individual who continues to secure his position as the leading voice of the political arm of the emergent New Spirituality movement.

Those who recognize his name probably know him through his 40 year relationship with the “Sojourners” organization. As an establishment liberal, he weaves his brand of social justice into the Bible, all the while blaming Wall Street for the ills of American society and calling for state-sponsored redistribution of wealth. Click here to listen to an interview between Ingrid Schlueter and Mare Danielsen regarding the beliefs of Lifest speaker Jim Wallis.

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