No More to Give

I am not big on politics. I love not this world, I am a sojourner and pilgrim. I have to be because I know too much about what is on the horizon for every human from a prophetic perspective, and to take any other stance is to deny what the Bible clearly teaches.

When it comes to politics, I tend to listen with one ear, out of curiosity, mostly, to see just how far our government will go to become further estranged from their constituency, and ultimately pound another nail into America’s coffin. I expect such, considering my first and primary objective is to view my world through the prophetic lens, not the political, and I know what time it is, believe me. But regardless of how extreme the ideology of our leaders, I don’t get whipped up about it, nor do I plan any recourse despite my frustration, because ultimately, I would give my life for the Lord, but never for a nation, one that is passing into history no less and on the fast track. The final world kingdom, the Bible says, will dissolve into the kingdom of our Lord, one not made with human hands. Hallelujah!

So, it is with constant fascination, kind of like watching a train wreck of unimaginable proportions, that I see what the current admin is up to. This health care thing, well, it’s huge. We have been asked to give all we have for the sake of “change” so far. But with national healthcare, you will be giving your own flesh and that of your kids. Have you ever thought of it that way? To be told what you can have treated, when, and how. Whether you will get treated at all on a timely basis is up for question. Now, what more can they take? Our flesh and it’s condition is really the most personal of all things to give to the government to rule over. And if the hate crimes legislation goes through, they will try and take our very soul, our convictions about God’s Word. What will our sleeping and deceived churches do in light of this?

Does anyone else find this disturbing? Come Lord Jesus.

About Mary

I have been a believer since 1981. Everything else before that is relatively meaningless. My heart has, from day 1, always been toward the subject of bible prophecy and I have seen the Lord do amazing things in my life through simply studying the Word and applying it to my life. I am a wife, grandmother and work full time in ministry. Life is full, and full of learning curves and seasons.
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