Six Days in June

I hope you had a chance to watch, “Six Days in June” this week on PBS.

I am not necessarily a Public Television fan for ideological reasons, but I have to tip my hat to this 2-hour masterpiece. I so enjoyed it, and since I was quite young in 1967 it was a great piece of history on one level, and beyond that it was a magnificent testimony to God’s love for Israel and proof that He has His hand in the affairs of men at all times. It is such an incredible story that even PBS could not cover up or minimize the miracles that happened. It gave me goosebumps to watch this chapter in Israel’s history unfold.

I hope you can access this program, if nothing else order the DVD. It won’t be released until July but it will be worth the wait. You can also Google any number of Israeli websites to get a feel for what really happened on those 6 days in June 40 years ago. Catch the Chuck Missler article that follows…..Maranatha!

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I have been a believer since 1981. Everything else before that is relatively meaningless. My heart has, from day 1, always been toward the subject of bible prophecy and I have seen the Lord do amazing things in my life through simply studying the Word and applying it to my life. I am a wife, grandmother and work full time in ministry. Life is full, and full of learning curves and seasons.
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