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Archive | January, 2009

Part 2: Musings from South of the Snow Line

Greetings from the front. Not the cold front, the beach front. It seems like everyone today is looking earthward at a ‘big event’ taking place on this planet, sounds of self are reaching a fever pitch. I am taking a break from the news today, on purpose – I prefer to look up. What did [...]

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The Vitamin D Tour: Musings on Life South of the Snow Line

Or shall I say, “The Vitamin Detour” ? You know, highway construction and all. Even with a Garmin GPS unit affixed to the dashboard – which makes me eminently trackable via satellite – if you take a wrong turn, the emotionally neutral “Jill’ that is built into the unit almost seems to acquire an edge [...]

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Israel’s Right to Exist

Author: Janet Porter World Net Daily www.wnd.com Posted: January 13, 2009 1:00 am Eastern © 2009 England’s Prince Harry used the slang “Paki” in a private video to refer to a Middle Eastern friend, and the world is outraged. He is forced to publicly apologize and is reprimanded by his military superiors. But when pro-Hamas [...]

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Jews in Rome outraged over boycott call

Wow people – this in our lifetime. Things are happening fast, and not necessarily for good for those who dwell on the earth – but praise God, His will will be done regardless… Go to www.ynetnews.com for the latest headlines including this one…mary The Times quotes Jewish community leaders in Italian capital as saying trades [...]

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