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Part 2: Musings from South of the Snow Line

Greetings from the front. Not the cold front, the beach front. It seems like everyone today is looking earthward at a ‘big event’ taking place on this planet, sounds of self are reaching a fever pitch. I am taking a break from the news today, on purpose – I prefer to look up. What did [...]

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The Vitamin D Tour: Musings on Life South of the Snow Line

Or shall I say, “The Vitamin Detour” ? You know, highway construction and all. Even with a Garmin GPS unit affixed to the dashboard – which makes me eminently trackable via satellite – if you take a wrong turn, the emotionally neutral “Jill’ that is built into the unit almost seems to acquire an edge [...]

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Israel’s Right to Exist

Author: Janet Porter World Net Daily Posted: January 13, 2009 1:00 am Eastern © 2009 England’s Prince Harry used the slang “Paki” in a private video to refer to a Middle Eastern friend, and the world is outraged. He is forced to publicly apologize and is reprimanded by his military superiors. But when pro-Hamas [...]

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Jews in Rome outraged over boycott call

Wow people – this in our lifetime. Things are happening fast, and not necessarily for good for those who dwell on the earth – but praise God, His will will be done regardless… Go to for the latest headlines including this one…mary The Times quotes Jewish community leaders in Italian capital as saying trades [...]

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