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Archive | November, 2007

A Short Guide to Bazaar Negotiations

Moshe Sharon – Nov 26, 2007 Outpost Everybody says that his donkey is a horse. There is no tax on words. (Two Arab proverbs) On December 25th 1977, at the very beginning of the negotiations between Israel and Egypt in Ismailia, I had the opportunity to have a short discussion with Muhammad Anwar Sadat the [...]

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The Wave.of.the.Future

(This is part 1 of a 3 part Prophecy Update give at Calvary Chapel of Appleton Oct-Nov 2007. To order the audio CDs, call us at 920-735-1242.) We live in a world of constant, phenomenal change. Question: How many centuries did people live without electricity, mass transportation, mass communication? Answer: all of them. Until that [...]

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No Brainer

The article that follows is from Lighthouse Trails, they have said what I have been planning to post for a week or so. When I read about some ‘repentance’ stance from Willow Creek, I believed it not even for a minute. Willow Creek, one of the largest and most influential churches in the nation, has [...]

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No Repentance from Willow Creek – Only a Mystical Paradigm Shift

Recently, headlines about Willow Creek filled the home pages of several online news outlets. The caption stated: “A Shocking Confession from Willow Creek Community Church.” Some wondered if Willow Creek’s pastor Bill Hybels was repenting from past errors in ministry techniques.1 But a Lighthouse Trails commentary showed that this “shocking confession” was actually a re-enforcement [...]

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Parents Face Fines, Jail Time for Failure to Immunize

School District Orders Parents to Appear in Court for Failure to Immunize By CULLEN DIRNER Nov. 14, 2007 — A Maryland school district has ordered parents of more than 2,300 students to court Saturday for failure to immunize their children. The parents could face fines and jail time if they do not appear. The students, [...]

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Communism’s ‘Total Control Zone’

Posted: November 2, 2007 1:00 a.m. Eastern By Hal Lindsey © 2007 I remember reading a book once by an author named Ira Levin called, “This Perfect Day.” It is presented as a work of science fiction, but if I were classifying books, it would be a work of horror worthy of inclusion with Mary [...]

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