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The Great Men of the Earth

Well, I may not have posted lately but that does not mean my cranium is on vacation. I have been pondering many things relative to the times. O the times… Revelation 18 has always been an endless source of pondering for me. The huge money system that the Lord of the Universe will judge in [...]

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Well, after a bit of a personal break, I am back. The reason for my absence is something we seldom experience these days – unbridled joy. And the source of the joy? My first grandbaby. So many thoughts go through your head at such events, not the least of which is that God must still [...]

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The Price of Peace

Let me introduce to you Prime Minister Olmert, Israel’s worst nightmare, and at the worst possible time. According to the article below, he’s had some sort of “reality check”. He used to think that Israel should hang on to as much land as possible, you know, for ‘safe keeping’ – but he has now changed [...]

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Fear Factor

Some necessary ramblings today on something called, “fear of prophecy”. I won’t give it a clever name because it’s a real condition, and I don’t want to make light of it because I don’t take it lightly. But I do want to offer some gentle suggestions to those who struggle with a very real sense [...]

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Right on Schedule

Please read the following from the EU Observer ( And then someone – perhaps a prophecy scoffer – please tell me how our assessment last week that everything that is happening to the global financial markets is leading up to a global money system as is found in Revelation 13 isn’t “right on the money”. [...]

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Dr. Bankenstein

by Mary Danielsen September 15, 2008, will go down as an historic day. Bloomberg says this: “In the biggest reshaping of the financial industry since the Great Depression, two of Wall Street’s most storied firms, Merrill Lynch & Co. And Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc., headed toward extinction….the tectonic plates beneath the world financial system are [...]

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2008 Great Lakes Prophecy Conference

Well, mark your calendars for next year: Lord willing, we will host the 10th Annual Great Lakes Prophecy Conference, September 11-13, 2009. This last weekend, we not only had a full house, but 1000 tuned in to the live stream. So, that tells me that in spite of some high-profile pastors comments that the Lord’s [...]

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To Pray and Not to Faint

Greetings in the Lord, all those who anxiously await His return. I realize it has been some time since I posted, and I am chastising myself for that. My computer has not indicated to me that there are any comments pending, and it turns out that was not true. I’m not sure why I was [...]

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Old-Time Religion or Golden Calf Revival?

Below is an excellent article on the spirit surrounding so much of what people are flocking after these days, lots of good insights. Of course, those who need to hear this most may not care to hear, but that too is a sign of the times. This was part of this month’s Berean Call newsletter [...]

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Europe at a Crossroads (visit our website for a FREE subscription) Several weeks have passed since Irish voters dealt a knockout blow to the new EU reform treaty, and it seems Europe’s leaders are still in shock. Ireland is the only EU member whose constitution required a referendum on the treaty. The Irish voters chose to reject the [...]

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