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Camping Out

As the truth war heats up and the desire for discernment grows cold (I think when you mix the two you get something called, “lukewarm”) I am having some clarity of thought. There seems to be 2 distinct camps within Christendom right now that will draw some serious lines in the sand, I predict. It [...]

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Fair and Balanced: The Gospel in the Last Days

For those who might think that the church needs to be exposed to all the different views out there in order to be a more balanced “organization”, I say baloney. The Body is Christ’s, He is the head – so let’s pour poison in it, expose it to disease and decay and see what happens? What do you think will happen? And the body has no immunity toward this last days lukewarm junk thanks to all those churches who no longer preach the bible.

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Oh How Festive

It’s “festival” and conference season in the body.  There are myriad conferences and music fests that have proliferated on the Christian scene and everyone is getting into the act. Yeah, kinda like a circus circuit. When we’re done with one town, we move on to the next one and on and on it goes. We [...]

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Understating the Obvious

The longer I go between posts the longer I go between posts. I admit I am conflicted. I am frustrated with myself. I could use this site to simply re-post others’ articles that are of significance to prophecy students. That would of itself be edifying and fruitful and this site would be updated more regularly.  [...]

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The Greater Sadness

The Shack has as it’s main theme, something the author calls, “The Great Sadness”, describing a season in a person’s life that pertains to a time of great loss and the subsequent stages of emotion and grief that naturally follow. We all go through those, and I don’t recommend taking one’s theology on what it [...]

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No More to Give

I am not big on politics. I love not this world, I am a sojourner and pilgrim. I have to be because I know too much about what is on the horizon for every human from a prophetic perspective, and to take any other stance is to deny what the Bible clearly teaches. When it [...]

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Thinking Outside the Book

Thanks to Erik for that great play on words. I read this week that the author of The Shack was pushed into writing his book by his mate who thought we all might benefit from his way of ‘thinking outside the box’. Sweet. But I would have to strenuously disagree with that sentiment, and say [...]

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For the Time is Short

Hey everyone! I hope you are enjoying your summer. I have a thought: as tough as these times are, and as much change as we are experiencing, the Bible says we are about to enter a time like no other. I welcome it, in spite of the potential for unbridled fear in my flesh, because [...]

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Like a Glacier, It’s Coming

I have not been asleep at the wheel, in the light, or even on my bed of prayer and petition. I am constantly looking into the events of the day, monitoring, processing, analyzing. Yes, it is still the end times! I have placed other posts here, but had to pull them for one reason or [...]

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My Heart to Fear, My Fears Relieved

Riddle: What is it that everyone wants more of, yet more and forgets where it comes from and what it is meant to accomplish? What is it that we want plenty of for ourselves and yet often neglect to pass on to others just as liberally? Answer: one of the sweetest ‘sounds’ in life: GRACE. [...]

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